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Providing light is a key enabler to empower people and local economies. In 2010 over 1 billion people in the world lacked access to electricity (Worldbank 2013) and at least another 1 billion lived in areas were electricity was not stable and suffered from many power failures.

The impact is high. Without electricity it is difficult to escape poverty
- Children cannot read/study in the evening
- Developing and growing businesses is difficult
- Family life is mainly in the dark only
- Dark areas often are dangerous
Alternatives for light are limited, of poor quality expensive and often un-healthy.

To help the local authorities fighting poverty and to empower the people H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma has developed the MAMA-LIGHT® Portable Solar Lamp. This lamp brings together state of the art technology, modern design and fulfills the need of people without (proper) access to electricity. It provides light for security, study, business and pleasure.  It facilitates people and families to empower themselves and to escape poverty. The lamp is developed in partnership with Philips.