Service center
Central location in Bamako for training and supportInstalling and maintaining Solar Business Systems
How to make business systems workInstalling and maintaining home systems
How to install and how to maintain home systemsInstalling and maintaining Solar Water Heaters
How to install and how to maintain solar water heaters

Professional services and good maintenance are key

Understanding how to install, how to maintain and how to use solar energy products is key in getting the benefits out, and even more key in securing the lifetime of the products.

AbzeSolar S.A. provides communities the means to build up knowledge within their own citizins to provide all support needed to install and to maintain solar products in a good and sustainable way.

Abzesolar S.A. provides:
- technical implementation and maintenance trainings;
- organisational trainings to organise solar energy within the community

For training, and for the support  AbzeSolar S.A.  has a Service Center in Bamako