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MAMA-LIGHT® transforms solar light into energy. This energy can be used in and around the house as well as for business activities. It brings light that enables students and children to study in the evening; it provides the energy to empower and to grow your business; it will improve the quality of your life and the life of your family.

MAMA-LIGHT® is a complete portfolio of high quality solar energy products including solar panels, solar batteries, solar water heaters, Solar street lights, Solar portable LED lamps etc. MAMA-LIGHT® is developed for hot and tropical regions The products are optimized to deal with the tropical and sub-tropical climate and are all tested and delivered under guarantee.  All MAMA-LIGHT® products have international certifications and the QUALITYSUN®  certification.

The MAMA-LIGHT® HOMEbox® is a complete solution that provides energy in your house in your company, community, or region. It is simple, it is module based, it is plug and play and it can be extended easily. The entry level starts with a small kit that provides enough energy to light your house and to power your television. Each kit can be extended at any moment to whatever sizing you need. 

MAMA-LIGHT® started as an initiative from H.R.H. Princess Abzeita Djigma. She is a Mossi princess helping the people in the rural areas of West Africa to empower them self and to improve the quality of the life of women and their families. As energy and water are the most limiting factors in the rural areas she decided to focus on providing energy. She has created a the MAMA-LIGHT® portfolio of solar energy products that are best suited for the West-African region. In alignment with the Ministry of Energy and Water and with the High consul of Local Communities she has founded AbzeSolar S.A. to sell and to distribute the MAMA-LIGHT® products and to train local people to install and to maintain the MAMA-LIGHT® products. 

MAMA-LIGHT® is a great energy solution for Africa. It has the quality needed to deal with the local climate. It uses the African sun; it builds on the African needs and experience; it respects the African nature and the African culture.  And most important it helps the women to improve the quality of life of their family and creates a future for their children.