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MAMA-LIGHT Solar Water Heaters

One of the biggest cunsumer of electricity, gas and oil is the heating of water in homes,  offices, schools hospitals etc. Solar water heating is a very efficient way to grab energy from the sun and use it. 

The warm water provided by the MAMA-LIGHT® Solar Water Heater will increase hygiene, accelerate cooking and lower the use of wood and carbon. For those people who are using today the electricity network it will lower their energy bill significantly!


AbzeSolar S.A. is providing two kind of standard Solar Water Heaters:

Solar Water Heaters without feeding tank and with one  inlet-outlet (see picture below). 
Solar Water Heaters with feeding tank and with two pile inlet-outlet. 
Both solar water heaters are available in the following volumes:
- 150 liter
- 200 liter
- 250 liter
- 300 liter

Next to the standard Solar Water Heaters AbzeSolar S.A. can provide solar water systems up to over 100.000 liter. Systems that are perfectly suited for hospitals, businesses, hotels and offices.


Solar Water Heaters without feeding tank.


Solar Water Heaters with feeding tank 



Examples of installations in West Africa