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Therese got a MAMA-LIGHT lamp from the WorldBank. She tells how important the lamp is for her and how it changed her lifeOffices in Bamako
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The story of Therese

Therese Zongo got a MAMA-Light solar lamp from the WorldBank


Ms. Zoubida Allaoua, Director, Urban and Disaster Risk Management Department, WorldBank and Ms Carmen Nonay, Program Manager of the Global Program for Output Based Aid of the WorldBank (GPOBA) have donated a number of MAMA-LIGHT lamps to poor children in Mali en Burkina Faso.

Therese Zongo is one of children who received a lamp.

Therese Zongo lost her mother when she was a few years old. Her father is a gardener and makes long working days to take care of his 6 children.

Therese is a smart girl and during the week she is 5 days intern at a catholic boarding school with the nuns. 

On Saturday 15th February 2014 she came to the office of AbzeSolar in Bamako to thank the WorldBank for the lamp.

In the video below she tells how she is using the lamp, what it means for her and the impact it has on her life. 


Therese Zongo explains what the MAMA-LIGHT Solar Lamp means for her